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Re: [IP] Question about bg's at bedtime

> Well my son starts pump training on June 15th and will be on the
> pump the 18th. I have a question. His CDE is concerned about his
> bedtime bgs-they are usually anywhere from 70-100 before snack. She
> says they need to be over 100 before he goes to bed-now when he
> wakes up in the morning they are anywhere from 80-110. Why do they
> need to be over 100
Active kids may have big basal requirement swings from wake to sleep 
as well as big bg swings do to daytime activities such as sports, 
etc... 200 pts is not uncommon for my daughter just due to sports 
activity, this is after we do known compensation.

Your CDE is concerned about potential night time lows. This sort of 
problem is supposed to be easier to manage on a pump so you simply 
need to be aware of it and vigiliant about changes in activity levels 
as well as growth spurts, etc...

> -does that mean he needs to snack and take his
> bg again -it seems like the snack would put it up where it should be
> anyway. 
A glucose tab or two should move it to where is needs to be and you 
can generally check again within 15 - 20 minutes. If his bg's were 
still falling or not where you expected them after the glucose then a 
snack would definetly be in order. 

This is all an exercise in projecting what you think will happen, not 
what the conditions are at the moment of the bg test. Unused insulin, 
post exercise bg drop, and undigested carbs all need to be taken into 

>BTW he has never had a night time low-thank God . 
>Thanks so
> much for your anwsers and your support. Also we watched the video
> and now my son is really getting excited. YEA!!
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