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Re: [IP] Question about bg's at bedtime

At 04:37 PM 6/2/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>Well my son starts pump training on June 15th and will be on the pump the 
>18th. I have a question. His CDE is concerned about his bedtime bgs-they are 
>usually anywhere from 70-100 before snack. She says they need to be over 100 
>before he goes to bed-now when he wakes up in the morning they are anywhere 
>from 80-110. Why do they need to be over 100 -does that mean he needs to 
>snack and take his bg again -it seems like the snack would put it up where
>should be anyway. BTW he has never had a night time low-thank God . Thanks
>much for your anwsers and your support. Also we watched the video and now my 
>son is really getting excited. YEA!!

Hi Penny I think the real concern about the bg levels is to keep from going
low at night.  I think this is a good concern until the basal rates are
ironed out so to speak.  others have reported that NPH if that is what your
son is on takes more time than others to get out of the system.  their is
nothing more scarry than a night time low and i think this is what the CDE
is thinking of.

hope this helps.

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