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[IP] Question about bg's at bedtime

Well my son starts pump training on June 15th and will be on the pump the 
18th. I have a question. His CDE is concerned about his bedtime bgs-they are 
usually anywhere from 70-100 before snack. She says they need to be over 100 
before he goes to bed-now when he wakes up in the morning they are anywhere 
from 80-110. Why do they need to be over 100 -does that mean he needs to 
snack and take his bg again -it seems like the snack would put it up where it 
should be anyway. BTW he has never had a night time low-thank God . Thanks so 
much for your anwsers and your support. Also we watched the video and now my 
son is really getting excited. YEA!!

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