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Re: [IP] BG Data


I wouldn't worry about it as long as you have kept a log book with the times and
maybe event (meals, hypos, bedtime, etc.).  If not just start doing it now.  I
just hand my endo my log book, he looks at it.  If the Endo is good they will
know.  Its hard to tell by the few number we give them what our bodies are
doing.  If you have bg for after meals that helps but it isn't usually necessary
(at least at most endo's) for beginning pump training.  Just let the endo know
you are taking records and are willing to do whatever it takes. If they can see
you are serious about taking care of you diabetes they are more willing to

Good Luck! 

"Whitaker, Paul" wrote:
> Next week I shall be seeing my 'new' endo. We shall discussing, specifically
> my using a pump. No doubt she will want to see the record of my BGs and MI
> in her decision making effort.
> Now looking at a log book with six months or so of numerical data, doesn't
> do anyone much good at first because it is difficult to identify trends etc.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could or should prepare my BG data
> etc.? Or am I just being paranoid?
> Thanks
> Paul
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