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[IP] infusion sets and dancing

Hi Ellen (sorry, is it Ellen?)

I think we mailed each other before about dancing and pumps.

I too am a competitive ballroom dancer, although I have only had the
pump about 2 months and have not competed yet with it (1st one with
pump is next Tuesday).

I know what you mean about your partern coming into contact wiht the
Have you tried using your backside instead of your stomach?
I don't use it a lot but I find it good for dancing.
Also which sets do you use?
I prefer the Silhouettes (Tenders). Occasionally they come loose but I
use SkinPrep underneath which makes them more sticky - there are other
things to try too.
Micropore tape I find isn't very sticky but again, there are other
stickier types of tape. You can just stick it over evryhting and pull
it off later.
Yuo might want to tape down some of the tubing too, to stop your
partner accidentally pulling it. Mine did that and it almoost pulled
the set out (and hurt!).

Have you figured out where to put the actual pump with a competition
I am sitll figuring that one out. The thigh thing doesn't work for
me. Normally I use my bra when dancing but that doesn't work with a competition
dress either.


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