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[IP] I LOVE BUBBLES....sometimes ;-)

Okay, that might sound a little weird, but if after 12 hours of a new
site change(with that newfangled oil mix  we have keeping her motor
running)  the sugars go up to 318, you better believe I was EXTREMELY
relieved to find out there was a bubble in the line.  Boy can those
things sneak up on you. I disconnected her, did a prime and nothing came
out for 0.4 units.  I was so happy!!   I bolused her down and she was
off and running again with great #'s the rest of the day.  OH
PLEASE...don't let that jinx me LOL!!

 Does anyone find the bubbles  travel up the tubing faster than you
expect them to as there weren't any there, that I could see, before she
had left for school 4 hrs previous.  I know sometimes if I flick the
tubing they move.

Barb....a very relieved Erica's mom....ERICA TURNS 11 TODAY!!  Happy
Birthday to my wonderful little pumper, I got MY wish for her birthday

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