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[IP] Administrative Decision Making

This message is off topic. It is in response to a number of postings
to the list concerning Mason Miller. If anyone wishes further
discussion on this matter, please contact me or one of the
administration team members privately.

Membership on the Insulin Pumpers mail lists is subject to the rules
and standards of conduct promulgated and enforced by the owners and
administrators of the lists. Membership on the list is at the
sufferance of the owners and administrators and subject to their
interpretation of the rules and standards of conduct.

The administrative guidelines provide that all rules and standards of
conduct be interpreted in a manner that will reflect what is best for
the list membership as a whole.

With respect to Mr. Miller, he was invited to become an Insulin
Pumpers list developer and to bring his knowledge and expertise to
assist in providing better service to the list membership. He did not
accept the invitation. The decision to deny him access to the list,
involved a multiplicity of issues which in the end contributed to the
overall decision to deny access to the list.  Without discussing the
particulars, I can say that the administrative staff considered the
matter on several different and separate occassions and exchanged
views on issues relating to issues of list membership privacy, use of
the list membership roster, copyrights,  trademarks, and other
matters, all with respect to the applicable list guidelines.

Any decision to deny access to the list is always difficult and as
such, is made only after careful consideration and with due regard to
the standards and guidelines of the list as well as the best interests
of the list membership as a whole. Such action has been previously
taken only a half dozen times in reviewing over 2200 list applicants
over the last several years.

For those list members not satisfied with the manner in which the list
is administered, the opportunity to participate and volunteer your
time in service of the general list membership has always been and
continues to be open to all list members. If you are interested, feel
free to contact me.

If you feel you must respond to this post, kindly first read the
following documents:

This notice found in the information for Insulin Pumpers, the last
three paragraphs:


 ******> NOTICE
     All messages sent to the lists are subject to quotation
with or without attribution both on the Insulin-Pumpers
Mailing Lists and on Insulin-Pumpers website unless
specifically forbidden in the body of that message.

     This document will be updated and posted periodically.
We reserve the right to limit participants on the lists and
will purge problematic e-mail addresses from the lists
(i.e. mailboxfull, name not found, excessive bounces, etc...).

      As always, think before posting and keep the content
relevant to diabetes and the insulin pump. And most of all:
Good health to all and enjoy the benefits of using an
insulin pump.

The insulin-pumpers copyright notice:

Permission to use, copy, distribute these documents for any purpose is
hereby granted, provided that Insulin Pumpers' and the author's /
editor's name(s) and this notice appear in all copies and/or
supporting documents; and that an unmodified version of this document
is made freely available.

The list guidelines:

In particular item 11.

The README for the MEMBERS ONLY archival area:

The contents of these directories are for the exclusive use of the
members of the Insulin-Pumpers mailing list.  Any other use or access
is prohibited and constitutes a violation of the privacy of the list

On behalf of the Administrative staff and myself,
Good Health and Best Regards,

Michael Robinton
Executive Director
Insulin Pumpers
email @ redacted
Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org