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[IP] Insurance mess and Stanford

My son is 12 and has been diabetic for seven years and since our
pediatrician said to wait on the pump til he was 11 or 12 (and since we had
great control) I didn't think too much about the pump until recently. Now
that both my son and I are convinced it is the right thing for us - of
course - we have been hit with what seems like a big problem.

Our amazingly bad HMO is no longer going to pay 100% of durable medical
goods as of July 1. Well, they will pay 100% with a $1,000 maximum. So I am
trying to figure out a way to get him a pump before the end of the month. Is
this even possible, I wonder? I have an appointment with our primary care
physician on Thursday. I was planning to ask him to prescribe the pump so we
can get one and then go about the process of whatever needs to be done to
set him up.

Our ped. Endo left the group so we were kind of floating along without an
endo since the only other option is to take him to Stanford (insurance wise)
and I wasn't too pleased when we were there about six years ago. Since I
have been aking questions I have heard that Stanford was not very pro-pump.
Has anyone had any experiences with Stanford they can relay?

Also, I am dealing with a pediatrician who knows absolutely nothing about
the pump (which IMO is better than knowing a little bit and being against
it...) and we will likely be referred to Stanford on Thursday. Somehow I am
going to have to work with both my ped. and Stanford to get the ball rolling
on this so any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

Kim (mom to Shane 12, Jillian 13, and Celest and Devon both 3)

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