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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #182

Natalie--As a fellow list "lurker" I am sorry that I didn't get a chance to meet
you at the Taking Control of Your Diabetes Conference Saturday in Seattle.  I
did meet Denise, and by chance discovered she was a fellow list member.  I
enjoyed the conference also, and agree with your assessment of the insulin pump
break-out sessions.  I went to session #2 or the advanced pumping session and
left early because I got tired of the "talking head".  Went to the internet and
diabetes session, but it was a little too basic.

I want one of the continuous blood glucose monitoring watches that they were
talking about...no more pin cushion fingers!  I liked the health fair; it's
great that all of those vendors support the conference (for non-attendees, it
was only $40, including lunch).

I thought the session on fad diets was good.  I am tired of these people on the
low or no carbo diet telling me that it's healthy and a great way to lose
weight.  I'm into the moderation diet, and basically the doc said that a
diabetic diet is no different than what the American Heart Association
recommends...a good, balanced, low-fat diet.

For other pumpers who are interested, this conference is begin put on in other
cities too, like Nashville in August.  The web site for more information is
www.tcoyd.com.  It's a good general conference for information as well as an
opportunity to visit with your reps from Disetronic, MiniMed and the meter

I went to Seattle to visit my son, and to attent the Take Control of
your Diabetes Conference which is put on by Dr. Steven Edelman.

It was a good conference, if a bit general and rushed -- they were
trying to cover everything, and of course, there isn't enough time to go
into ANYTHING in depth. But I did learn a few interesting tidbits, and I
think the conference would be EXCELLENT for anyone who needs some
brush-up on their DM info, or a good general intro -- expecially newly
diagnosed people.

In the morning, I was wandering around the health fair (looking for
interesting freebies -- there weren't any!) and a nice-looking young
woman comes up to me and says, "Aren't you on the Insulin Pumpers list?"

Turns out her name is Denise Gordon, and she is a lurker on the list,
and recognized my name because I'm too garrulous to be a lurker!!!  :)

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