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[IP] Diabetic Woman

I remember not to long ago someone talking about the Diabetic Woman by Lois 
Jovanovic and June something.  I must say I bought the book last week read 
about 4 chapters and returned it last night.

If there is anyone here who is trying to get pregnant and read their book 
they have nothing positive to say as far as I can see.  I had 4 pregnancies 
and 3 living children.  One death had nothing to do with my diabetes.  

They go as far as to suggest surrogate parenting, they say pumps are not for 
pregnant women, they say that one child is usually enough and that your 
husband wont feel like he is the one keeping you alive.  Guaranteed their 
probably are spouses out there like that but I am sorry few and far between.  
They say most women don't want to have second children because they don't 
want to take the 9 months of meticulous monitoring and disrupt their first 
child's life.  That was total hogwash to me.

But by far the two things that threw me for a loop were the Big Bad Baby 
Syndrome and the once a csection always a csection.  I had a VBAC with my son 
Michael and they don't call it Big Bad Baby anymore not to mention totally 
skipping over the fact that long term diabetics usually have Small For 
Gestational Age babies or SGA.  I looked at the front of this book and 
thought okay it was written 10 or 15 yrs ago.  Wrong!  1996.  I think these 
three women need to talk to some real diabetic women instead of making up the 
answers.  JMO.

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