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Re: [IP] 2nd question: about morning highs

For me raising my basals in early a.m. doesn't help.  As soon as I get out
of bed I have to bolus 1.5-2.0 units in order to keep my bg's the same
until I eat breakfast, even if I wake up and my bg is 72 (they are always
between 72-106 when I wake up).  I've tried increasing my basal rates but
if I sleep in I end up with a low.  If I wake up and want to eat right away
I have to bolus an extra 1.5-2.0 units on top of my regular dosage in order
to keep my sugars from jumping up an hour or so after eating.  I've been
doing this successfully for about a month now and it's working great.
Anyone else experience this?

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IDDM 15 years, pregnant, due date Sept. 23/99

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