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[IP] Pump Wish List + Funny Diabetic Stories(Tonya)

I don't know if anyone has brought this up, as I am behind on mail, but
many of the things you ask for have just come out in the new Minimed pump,
the 507C!  It has a LOT more memory, can download to your computer, AND
when you bolus the 5 units or so to finish priming the set, this isn't
included in your daily insulin total, it's called a Prime Bolus or
something.  Anyway I should be getting this pump within a couple weeks, as
my insurance company screwed up and sent me somebody's old pump.

Also, I have a cute diabetic story which happened a week ago.. I was
testing my sugar and I vaguely noticed this guy staring at me the whole
time, and he finally came up right behind me to look at what I was doing,
and asked what the device was.  He got really embarrassed when I told him
it was a blood sugar monitor for diabetics, and said that he didn't mean
to stare, but he thought I was playing with one of those Cyberpets, you
know, those little hand held machines that is a little pet that you have
to feed at certain times of the day or it will "die.." not exactly a
pickup line, but it was cute!



Ann Arbor, Michigan

A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother. -- Anonymous

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