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Re: [IP] morning insulin resistance

At 06/26/1998 - 06:16 PM Michael wrote:
>I'd be willing to bet you can separate the 'spike' from the meal if 
>you test carefully.

You might lose your bet here... (How much are you willing to risk??)

>Eat a known small carbo meal and measure the total insulin required 
>to bring your bg's to the prebreakfast level.
>Repeat with a known high carbo meal.
>If you do this a number of times, the difference between the two 
>meals should allow you to calculate the acutal ratio for the carbo in 
>the meals and see the insulin required for the 'spike'.  You will 
>probably find that the meal ratio is really pretty close to your 
>daytime average and that a bolus or 'incremental basal adjustment' is 
>necessary as you eat your first meal of the day. This may vary if you 
>get up at different times such as weekday (early) vs weekend (late).
>I'd be interested in your results should you choose to do this.

Since I've been pumping I've tested pre-meal and 90minutes to 2hours after.
This gives me a reasonable estimate as to what the bolus is doing. However,
my problem is that although I eat virtually the identical breakfast every
morning, my BG does different things on different days with the same bolus
(same basal) and the equal activity level. I had this problem with MDI too.
So, I have to sort of use the best average and hope to hit close-enough
without going to far over one way or the other. This makes setting the
basals difficult too, since my basal needs are not consistent. One week I
need more and the next week I need less... all doing & eating pretty much
the same things. 

I've accepted the fact that I'll never be exactly on target... I'm just
trying to get within "the zone" (not the twilight zone I hope). With that
said, my range or BG values since pumping is much narrower than before...
that's because I have a bit more control. 


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