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Re: [IP] that darn dawn phenomenon - HELP!

Bob wrote:

> What kind of insulin is Kayla using? I seem to recall that she's on
> Humalog, but don't know for certain. This is important.
> It might be helpful to "stagger" the times which you check her BGs, to
> see
> when the BG shifts start to occur. In other words, check at different
> times
> on different nights.

Sorry, Kayla is using Humalog.  Guess that bit of info is important,
huh?  I do alternate testing on different days, but it just happened
these two days were tested at the same hours.  It's hard to find days
without highs or lows to set as a baseline.

> Could it be that the dinner bolus was incorrect? Is she snacking at
> bedtime?

Could be the wrong dinner bolus.  We've guessed at her carb ratios, but
can't be certain they are correct until we get the basals right.  She
does get a bedtime snack, so I know that makes it more difficult.  I
would prefer to do away with the snack, but for now her endo wants her
to have the same amount of carbs at each meal to eliminate another
variable.  He kept the bedtime snack purely for the calories.

> For some pumpers, it's possible to dilute the insulin, so that it has
> less
> "strength" per unit than currently being delivered by U100.

I want to keep this as my absolute last option.  Humalog cannot be
diluted, only Regular.  Based on Kayla's history with Regular, I'd much
rather stick with Humalog if at all possible.  When she was using R it
would kick in at random times.  The Humalog is much more predictable
with her.

Her nighttime numbers for the last three days suggest she's hit a growth
spurt.  Her appetite pretty much confirms it!  I'll keep all of the
suggestions you've given for a later date.  Trying to set basals now
would be pointless!!

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