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Re: [IP] Survey says . . .

> Laurel,  The BIG difference for me is how much energy I have.  I have not
> had
> this much energy in my life.  I am running around all day and never
> getting
> tired until I crash at night.  Before the pump, I felt tired alot.  I eat
> less
> since I've been on the pump.  I do not crave sweets because, I guess,
> after 38
> years of diabetes, I have lost a taste for sweets.

I've seen the same thing in Kayla.  Overall her control is better (not
great, but far fewer 30's and 500's) and I've seen such a dramatic
change in her behavior/personality.  Until she started pumping, I didn't
realize how lifeless she had become on MDI.  Now she's an active, HAPPY,
five year old.  I finally have my "real" child back after 1 1/2 years on
the MDI mood-swinging, depression-causing, energy-draining roller

As for sweets, except for that pop-tart she wanted right after she
started pumping, she hasn't really asked for anything out of the
ordinary for her.  However, at a birthday party last weekend she smiled
and told me she could have a BIG piece of birthday cake now that she was
on the pump.  Then she turned around and ate only a few bites.  She
seems to have lost her taste for really sweet foods, too.

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