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[IP] update on me and bs and haveing a baby

 hi everyone 
will iam doing real good this pump as made my life and me having mine and lee
baby the doc said even know my bs was in real good contol befor the pregnancy
and supper contol now during pregnancy the doc said that would have been on
about 5 shots a day and lot more insulin then i am on now with pump and this
pump has made my having tyler and especially now lee will not be able to injoy
seeing his son growing up but he will look down from heaven and when me and
lee made the decision to have a baby and now tyler will be especial child and
the pump would not be possble and when i lost lee the pump help me though the
rough times and when the bs was up all i had to do is bolus and and not have
to worry about doing shots and my bs are in such good contol that iam able to
carry tyler all the way to 40 weeks and possble to 41 weeks update for
saturday 6/27-98 
doing real good tyler let me sleep most of the night but about 5am he woke me
up with his kicking  and iam some what uncomfortable and hot bs was 142 at 3am
and 156 at 7am  iam now resting up and on leave all my family and lee mother
and daddy are hear and thay are not leting me do much thay told me to rest and
take care of me and tyler and i will do that and i need lots of energy and
love  from yall from the web and my family is helping me out and iam just
wating for tyler to come and looking for the times that i will have with tyler
and see him grow up and being heathy that all i want and if not he will keep
in going 
                 see yall to night 
                     with love lisa and soon to be tyler 
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