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[IP] Re: Survey says....

I'm with you Laurel, taking the extra shot was never a problem MDI -- but I
never had to fool with 2 curves, one of which was the incredibly unwieldy
NPH curve.  {I did NPH for pregnancy, but I strictly followed everything
(even when there was little logic in the statement as descibed below) when
someone else's life was being affected :). }  I covered carbs with Humalog
before, and I do so now too, so food eaten post pump has basically not

I have an opinion (who'd have ever guessed?  :) ) that some of us were more
affected by a dictator (in my case a dietician) than were others.  Testing
bgs showed me quite quickly that it didn't matter what type of vegetables,
fruits, or other "bread" servings I consumed, just so that the carbs were
equal.  I firmed up this opinion during my first pregnancy when told that I
couldn't substitute cottage cheese for meat and a cracker for a prescribed
snack.  The carbs and the protein were identical, I just got a little bonus
of calcium.  No logic there, just an extremely controlling individual.

I also don't really want the sugar (after 27 years as a diabetic), but found
that I could cover it with R and that it was really easy with H.

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