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Re: [IP] morning insulin resistance

At 6/26/98 - 04:46 PM email @ redacted wrote:
><< Sam indicates a need for using a ratio of 1 unit / 12 g CHO for
> yet less insulin / carb (1 unit to 15 g CHO) for lunch and dinner. This
> might suggest that the morning basal rates are slightly higher than
> In essence the "excess" morning basal is also supplementing the
> bolus, "masking" the true ratio required. >>
>Pardon me for stepping on your math, but, if somebody needs 1 unit for 12
>grams at breakfast and 1 unit for 15 grams the rest of the day, and they
>choose to manage the situation with a change in basal rate, then the
>basals would be set too LOW.  More insulin is required to counteract the
>number of carbs. 

That's what I would have figured (but then I always flunked math). 

Actually I tend to have a strong spike right after breakfast, even if my BG
is relatively low... that's why I went the added bolus route. If I raise
the basaltoo much I tend to be too low before breakfast, especially on the
weekends when I wake up later. So I use the bolus which is more flexible. 


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