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Re: [IP] Survey says . . .

Laurel,  The BIG difference for me is how much energy I have.  I have not had
this much energy in my life.  I am running around all day and never getting
tired until I crash at night.  Before the pump, I felt tired alot.  I eat less
since I've been on the pump.  I do not crave sweets because, I guess, after 38
years of diabetes, I have lost a taste for sweets.  Fruit is sweet to me.  If
I had had the pump when I was a child, I guess I would be enjoying sweets
today.  I NOT only don't eat sweets, but I don't eat meat or much fat either.
I cut out the meat a year ago so I would delay the onset of any kidney
problem.  Just a precautionary measure, but I don't miss meat at all.
Everyone says I look great.  I feel great.  I give alot of the credit to the
pump and how it has given me a new outlook on life.  The big advantage for me
is ENERGY.  I'm pumped.  ellen
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