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Re: [IP] Diabetic mistaken for drunk

Kirez,  I enjoyed your lengthy commentary.  You sound very much like my two
brothers and my nephew who are all civil rights lawyers.  However, I am quite
upset with your conclusion that we must sue to effect change in the U.S.  B/c
of our capitalistic system, if I understand what you are saying, the only way
to bring about change is through monetary threats.  The police will not clean
up their act nor the drs. or rns. except through litigation.  It sounds like a
good argument to support the law profession.  I am probably naive, but I hope
that these people actually want to protect and serve and they don't do this
because of being poorly educated in these areas.  I have actually had a
policeman treat me for a low BG and have had some good drs. and nurses.  Of
course, I have had the opposite end also, but from what I can gather from you,
they have no desire to improve unless their organizations are sued.  How sad.
I hope that people in general are NOT that stupid and NOT that resistent to
improving themselves.  ellen
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