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Re: [IP] what to do with MM 506

> From: "Paula Berketo" <email @ redacted> 

> Janet: My Mini-Med rep in Quebec Canada offered a 500.00 rebate on my 504
> if purchasing a 507.  I am not sure if this would apply to your
> refurbished pump.  PJB in Niagara Falls

It would. :-) I should have stated this part explicitly. When you upgrade
to a new pump, Minimed will accept your old pump instead of your
copayment. Ie, if your insurance only covers 80% of the new pump, Minimed
will take the old pump instead of the 20% copay you owe them.

My insurance paid 100% of my new pump, so I didn't/don't owe Minimed
anything. I could just give it to Minimed... but was wondering if I could
do something more useful with it. I guess I'll just hang on to it until
someone new (and without insurance) asks for help in getting a pump. The
pump works fine. It just doesn't have a warranty. (And if anyone has other
suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them! Oh -- and if you or someone you know
are that person without insurance who would like it, just tell me.) 


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