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Re: [IP] that darn dawn phenomenon - HELP!

In a message dated 6/26/98 7:40:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< We had her on a .2 basal from 9:00pm through 9:00am then tried a .3
 basal for the same time period.  The results were:
      .2 basal                    .3 basal
   9:00pm  - 148               9:00pm  - 235
   12:00am - 266               12:00am - 101
    3:00am - 214                3:00am - 47(gave 2 glucose tabs = 80pts)
    7:00am - 190                7:00am - 70
    9:00am - 186                9:00am - 150
 I tried a third day with a .2 basal from 9:00pm until 12:00am and a .3
 basal from 3:00am and she went over 200 again at the 3:00am reading. 
 What I see when I look at these results is that .2 is too little and .3
 is too much.  Both of these rates were done after "vanilla" days so
 there aren't any other variables to deal with.
 What do you all see?
Kasey....I see a five year old that does not need super tight control.  It
would be best to test two similar days at the same basal rate with at least
the same controlled variables. It is more difficult to compare basal tests
based on different rates.  What you have here is a comparison of two different
things.  It tells me exactly what you have here , .2 seems to be not enough on
one day and .3 is too much on another day.  In this case it is safer to opt
for the rate that does not cause hypoglycemia.  My two cents.

Barbara B.
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