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[IP] using Silhouettes

I finally got samples of Silhouettes, and I just changed my first one last
night, and put on a second one.

I'm thrilled with them! They are definitely much more comfortable than the
bent-needles. I never got a feeling for the comfort of the Sof-Sets I
started with, because they were too long for me and they hurt.

After my first change, the usual soreness, itching and big red bump was not
there, even though I wore the set for 3 days. Of course this was only my
first one, so we'll see how it holds up.

Thank you very much for suggesting the Silhouette, Michael -- I think you
were right, my site-problems were largely due to having  a bad reaction to
the metal in the needles.  I think these are really going to improve my
experience of the pump!!


p.s. So I'll be wearing a Silhouette for my adventure race this weekend --
it's the Hi-Tec adventure racing series, this race will be in the Bronx --
consists of a 15 mile mountain bike, kayaking (in Long Island sound), a 6-8
mile run, and a number of mystery challenges to solve or conquer  -- I hope
to complete it in less than 4 hours.  I'm taking a gel-like substance,
called Clif Shot, to treat any hypo I experience; it's similar to Power
Gel, but each tube contains 47g CHO. We run the race in teams, so my
teammates will be close by and I'll instruct them on what to watch for. 4
hours will be a fast-time, it's a grueling race, so I'm nervous -- my
teammates have raced these before and are good marathoners; I haven't done

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