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[IP] me and tyler are doing good iam on leave as of now

hi everyone 
will i am now on leave and resting up for tyler to come into the world and he
said hi to all he just kick and said hi bs have been good to day this morning
at 3:37am was 132 and at 6am was 174 but at 9:30am was 100 and at lunch was
125 that was real good tyler is moving around and still kicking me good my h
a1c now 6.2 thursday when i went to the ob doc and he said that i have a good
handle on bs during this pregnancy and the pump has made it possble and i love
it so much i will not give it up i have lots of work a head of me now and
rasing tyler and my family will help me and with yall on the web me and tyler
will make it the ob doc said that if tyler has not come by 41 1/2 weeks he may
induce me just have to wate and see he said that i can have tyler by vaginal
delivery  if every thing gose ok and me are the baby is in on trouble and as
long as bs are ok but iam doing what all of my family tell me to do and iam
resting and watching t.v and tyler and i are talking to each other by hand
rubing may belly and iam doing real good and thank for your love and support i
will need it now and later and i will be calling on yall for wisdom and love
and what ever you can give  me to all aunts and uncle i love you all and i
will make it and so will tyler  the weather in alabama is real hot temp is 95
with the heat index of 103 and that is hot you can e mail me at anytime iam at
home now and wating on tyler      
                   with love lisa 
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