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Re: [IP] Morning insulin resistance

In a message dated 6/26/98 11:32:24 AM Mountain Daylight Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< I've finally figured out
 (duh!!) that I also need to use a lower carb/insulin ration for breakfast,
 than I do for the rest of my meals. As an example if I use 1 unit/15g for
 lunch and dinner I need to use about 1 unit/12g for breakfast (I'm still
 fine-tuning that one). I also have a slightly higher basal in the eary
 morning hours to compensate for a definite dawn effect. 
 So, am I the only one that has noticed this? (I always knew I was weird,
 but didn't thing that I was THAT weird...) >>


No, you aren't weird!  Michael refers to this as a "morning bolus" for Lily.
He claims it is a set amount regardless of the number of carbs she eats for
breakfast and is dependent on the time of day she gets up.  Other people on
the list compensate, as you are, by using a different carb/insulin ratio.  I
don't know which way is scientifically correct, but as long as you are able to
manage the situation, do whatever works!  I eat the same thing for breakfast
most days of the week (Special K, toast, and OJ) and have always added an
extra .2 units to my calculated bolus amount.  But now, it appears as if my
insulin needs are changing, and I'm in the process of refiguring this.  

It's good to hear that you are learning so much, I'm still learning too, even
after pumping for almost a year and a half!

Mary Jean
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