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[IP] Morning insulin resistance

I've noticed an interesting phenomena since starting on the pump (almost 3
weeks). My insulin requirements are definitely higher in the morning and
lower in the afternoon. I've always known that I am definitely not a
morning person... but this seems to add physical reality to it. I've set my
basals higher in the morning until about 11 am and I've finally figured out
(duh!!) that I also need to use a lower carb/insulin ration for breakfast,
than I do for the rest of my meals. As an example if I use 1 unit/15g for
lunch and dinner I need to use about 1 unit/12g for breakfast (I'm still
fine-tuning that one). I also have a slightly higher basal in the eary
morning hours to compensate for a definite dawn effect. 

So, am I the only one that has noticed this? (I always knew I was weird,
but didn't thing that I was THAT weird...)

I am really pleased that the pump is allowing be to compensate for all
this, where in the good-old days, NPH just did its own thing no matter
what. Neat!! (I'm easily impressed). In any case, I've learned more about
my own insulin needs in 3 weeks of pumping than I had learned in 19 years
of MDI. The part I like best about it is that this knowledge (and the pump)
has empowered me to be more in control of my condition, instead of
vice-versa. So far I'm a happy camper (and as an ex-camp counselor, that's
always good). 

(This old dog is still learning new tricks)

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