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Neutral Sodium insulin, was: Re: [IP] Why Humalog is so fast

At 10:10 AM 6/26/98 -0400, Wayne wrote:

>Bob, that is very interesting indeed.  So the big question is whether this
>alternative insulin sans zinc acts as fast as Humalog?  That is, if the
>"zinc ring" is what normally slows down the R, then if you didn't have that
>binding, this "compassionate" insulin might be as fast or faster than H.  I
>wonder if Lilly would provide us this information.

Nope - I don't think the zinc is a factor in the absorption rate, since
Humalog has it also.

As I understand it, the Neutral Sodium insulin is intended to replace
Regular insulin only. I don't know if it is formulated in anything other
than Regular.

Bob Burnett

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