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Re: [IP] Why Humalog is so fast

Bob, that is very interesting indeed.  So the big question is whether this
alternative insulin sans zinc acts as fast as Humalog?  That is, if the
"zinc ring" is what normally slows down the R, then if you didn't have that
binding, this "compassionate" insulin might be as fast or faster than H.  I
wonder if Lilly would provide us this information.

<<<<<<<<<<<<From: Bob Burnett <email @ redacted>
Subject: Why zinc? was: Re:  [IP] Why Humalog is so fast


The July 98 Diabetes Forecast has a letter in the Mail Call column which
indicates that zinc is "an important stabilizing factor in all commercially
available insulins". It sounds like there are no commercial insulins
manufactured without zinc.

The author of the letter pointed out that there is an "alternative insulin"
available, referred to as "neutral sodium insulin", which uses sodium
instead of zinc. This is for the "rare" individual who is allergic to zinc
and is available only for "compassionate use".  This insulin is made
available only after the doctor obtains an "Investigational New Drug"
approval through a hospital Institutional Review Board. This request is
reviewed on a yearly basis. Eli Lilly makes this drug available free of
charge in these cases. (I've re stated the letter to the editor and the
response. Full text is on page 18 of the July 98 issue).

Where is our guest biochemist when needed ;-)


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