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Re: [IP] units of inhaled insulin?

Tanya wrote:

>I don't know if all disetronic pumps are the same, but mine does not 
>give .1 increments for a bolus. The basal increments go by .1. The 
>boluses are in .5 increments, so 5 units would be 10 pushes of the 

The default configuration for the H-TRONplus V100 is for bolus increments
of .5 units per button push. Basal increments of course, are done in .1
unit increments. The bolus increment can be set differently by Disetronic
when the pump is ordered, for those users who might benefit from a
different setting. This parameter can also be changed "remotely" if your
physician has access to the "D-Modem" (I think that's what it's called)
which allows Disetronic to "dial into" your pump. Disetronic technical
support personnel can access the pump's programming features and make any
changes, review settings, error codes, etc.

It's also possible to have each of the two provided pumps set up
differently, if that suits your needs. A bolus increment of .5 unit on one
pump and a bolus increment of .1 on the other, for example.

I found that bolusing in .5 unit increments meant no significant difference
for me, compared to .1 unit boluses with my MM506. In each case, with carb
counting, I was rounding up and rounding down, anyway. I never found carb
counting to be an exact science. I'm not as sensitive to insulin boluses as
some (Janet?) are, so there was no major impact on my management routine. I
achieved excellent A1c results with this setup. Others may have entirely
different needs, in which case a different setup might be more beneficial.

You know I'm going to say this here, but I'll repeat it anyway .......
YMMV ;-)

Bob Burnett

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