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Re: [IP] Help Wanted (Pretty Please!! It's not hard!)

I'd be glad to help.  Over the summer (until August 6th) I can mostly promise
computer time -- at the very least every other day).  Once classes start I don't
know if I will be available -- I tend to read e-mail late at night while doing 10
other things every 2 to 8 days and I am usually rushing to get 6 hours of sleep
for those long drives.  I have no computer access on campuses right now.   We seem
to be getting our computer to work a little better -- it used to crash every hour
or so, now I've only had it happen once in the last 10 hours of work -- its old
and overworked and the old drive is very disorganized.  If those problems don't
discourage you then let me know what I can do!


email @ redacted wrote:

> Did you realize that there are currently 400 members on the Insulin-Pumpers
> mailing lists?  Each week, approximately 15-20 new members are added.  Did you
> also realize that behind the scenes, there are only 6 of us (1.5% of the total
> membership) working to process new subscriptions and help you with various
> problems like accessing the archives and sorting out email problems??  We
> could sure use some more help!!
> Being a member of the ip-admin "team" is not difficult and you do not need to
> be a computer wizard to do this.  OK, there are a couple of computer wizards
> on the team, (not me, mind you), and they are willing to sort out the really
> sticky problems.  The rest of us are regular list members just like you, who
> are willing to give a few hours, every six weeks or so, to help manage the
> list. Michael used to do it all by himself!  We feel the time spent is worth
> all the benefits we have received from membership in Insulin-Pumpers.
> The main task is processing new member requests.  This entails reading through
> the prospective member profiles, to make sure they are "the real thing".  We
> don't want any SPAM infiltrating our precious list!  Then  a few
> approval passwords are added, and you send it back to the main computer, via
> email.  It is SIMPLE!!  Believe me, if I can do it, so can you!
> Other tasks include sending subscribe/unsubscribe information to people who
> ask for it, and assisting current members access the "members only" portion of
> our website.  This involves sending out a short email, something we all know
> how to do!
> Currently, admin duties rotate on a weekly basis, so you don't have to do it
> very often.  It involves about an hour a day to take care of the business,
> often less.  If you are ever unsure of what you are doing, the other admin
> members are willing to offer advice.  We have a "special" mailing list, just
> for us, to hash out these issues. We are pretty informal and "joke around" a
> fair amount.
> If you are still reading, and would be interested in helping out, I encourage
> you to take a look at the admin "howto" which can be found at the VERY BOTTOM
> of the "Volunteers and Workers Needed" section on the website.  Or, here, I'll
> make it easy for you and just give you the URL:
> http://www.bzs.org/Diabetes/howto/List-Admin-HOWTO.html
> The howto explains things in detail, don't be intimidated by it.  IT REALLY IS
> EASY!!  Honest!! Then, follow the instructions to sign up for the ip-admin
> team.  Your name will be placed at the bottom of the list and if you sign up
> now (this is beginning to sound like an offer on TV!), you will have at least
> 2 1/2 weeks to come up to speed before it is your turn.  I wish I could offer
> you a free vial of test strips or something like that but the pay for being an
> admin could double in size and still be nothing!  But, it really is a good
> feeling to know that you have helped.
> Very sincerely and hopefully yours,
> Mary Jean, and the other members of the admin team:
> Michael,
> Becky,
> Beth,
> Bob,
> and Kasey
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
> For subscribe / unsubscribe information,
> send the next two lines in a message
> info
> end
> to the e-mail address: email @ redacted

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
For subscribe / unsubscribe information,
send the next two lines in a message
to the e-mail address: email @ redacted