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Re: [IP] Update FAQ on Disetronic

George wrote:

>While trying to decide between Minimed and Disetronic I accessed
>misc.health.diabetes. This is a useful newsgroup, however the FAQ on insulin
>pumps is getting a bit outdated. It's last update was in 1995 and the
>information that it had on the Disetronic pump was outdated, putting it
>mildly. I appreciate Jim Summers and his efforts, but now with the changes
>in Minimed along with Disetronic I believe it is time for an update. I would
>like to suggest that the members of this group could offer the best
>information to the public through a FAQ to be posted to mhd. Perhaps some of
>the reps from each company could organize users of each machine to
>contribute. That way the FAQ would be fair and complete.

George (and list mates):

I agree that Jim Summer's document is getting a bit "long in the tooth".
Technology has changed a bit since 1995, and I think we might benefit from
someone who has actually *lived with* pumps from each company.

I have experience with the MM 506 (14 months) and the Disetronic H-TRONplus
V100 (14 months and counting). I prepared a document in 1997 detailing my
experiences with both pumps. I've offered it to folks privately, never
wanted to post it to mhd. (I don't post to news groups for a variety of

It would be fairly simple for me to format this document for our web page -
at least it would offer a somewhat "updated" comparison of the pumps, with
a slightly fresher perspective than that offered by Jim Summers. Our FAQ
library is getting a bit slim, so this might help in that capacity as well.

I'll offer this as a factual testimony of my experience, but certainly do
not want it to fuel "my pump is better than your pump" discussions.

A consensus of  "yea" or "nay" is sufficient to get me started ;-)

Bob Burnett

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