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[IP] units of inhaled insulin?

It's taken me all week (so far) to catch up from just ONE week of not
reading the digest! So, I have a number of issues I'd like to raise or
respond to. Out of respect for whomever really wanted correct subject
lines, I'll post several messages. 

First: about the inhaled insulin. The obvious question to me is how precise
the dosing can be. I've used 1/2 unit increments for as long as I can
remember (certainly pre-pump). Currently, I take 1.8 units for
breakfast. I've tried 1.7 and 1.9 -- I'm either too low or too high with
those doses. So how precise can inhaled insulin doses get? 1 unit? 1/2
unit? 0.1 units?

(Btw, this difference in dosing increments is, to me, the major difference
between the Minimed and Disetronic. While the Disetronic can be set to do
0.1 increments, that would mean 50 button presses for a 5 unit dinner
bolus! It's the same 4 button presses with the Minimed for 0.7 units or
5.2. I do often just round my lunch and dinner boluses to the nearest 1/2
unit, though...)  


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