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[IP] what to do with MM 506

The warranty on my then-3 year old MM 506 expired last January. I
discovered that when I called for the second time about a clip problem.
Since I had originally called in December, they sent me a replacement
anyway, but suggested I try to get a new pump. I did.

Alas, I got a 507 just about a month before the 507C came out, so who knows
when I can get a 507C. Still, I like the new features of 507 -- the
backlighting and square wave bolus. 

I'm wondering what to do with the 506. It's not the one I owned and used
for 3 years. It's one (refurbished?) that they sent to me in January, and I
used it only until mid-April. Back before I got the 507, there were some
posts from people without insurance who wanted any pump available at the
least cost. I haven't seen any such posts in a few months. Is there anyone
around who really needs it? If not, I'll check with my CDE.

email @ redacted

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