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[IP] counting grams of protein and fat

There was a discussion recently about counting only grams of carb, vs also
counting grams of protein and fat. Basically, there are 2 schools of

1. I/we/you eat a relatively consistent ratio of carb:pro:fat at each meal
and snack, and therefore, you include the insulin for the protein and fat
in your insulin:carb ratios.

2. The ratio of carb:pro:fat varies so much that it's better/gives better
results to count each separately. "TAG" counting (TAG is an acronym for
something) says count:
	   1.00 * grams CHO
	   0.50	* grams PRO
	   0.10 * grams FAT
	   total grams per meal of glucose

Then use an insulin:glucose ratio. NOTE: your insulin:glucose ratio will be
DIFFERENT from your insulin:carb ratio. 

Personally, I find that I only need to count protein or fat if I eat a
relatively large portion of either, e.g., I eat more grams of protein than
of carb. I believe that was the case (more protein than carb) in somebody's
example meal with a lamb chop, salad, and roll. And if I eat Mexican food,
for example, which has a ton of fat, I definitely need to bolus for the fat
and I need to do it using a 2 hour square wave.

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