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Re: [IP] Scary Situation

At 06/24/1998 - 02:54 AM John Neale wrote:
>> There are two things that I wish these pumps had: 
>> One would be a backup alarm run on a separate battery. If for any
>> the pump loses power or if its basic settings get hosed, then the
>> alarm would sound. It also seems like the pump could monitor both
>> and let you know when the backup was getting low too. 
>> The second thing is unrelated to #1 above. I wish I could put in more
>> one basal profile. If I spend all day working at my computer (since
>> my job) I'd need one rate, but on weekends & vacations when I tend to
>> more active I'd need a different one. Yes I know I can input a
>> basal... but that's a pain... plus the little guy insists on beeping at
>> all the time while it's activated.
>I agree strongly with both of these.
>When I got my MM507, I was surprised there was no backup battery. When
>there's a mechanical failure in the battery system, the pump just
>quietly plays dead...
>Also, I too spend some days slumped in front of my computer, with a high
>basal need. Other days I'm rushing around town all day, and have a low
>basal need. I would love the ability to switch between 2 or more preset
>I'll copy this to Bill VA.

MiniMed has a customer feed-back page on their web-site. I input these same
ideas in yesterday. Maybe if enough of us ask for the same thing they'll
take it seriously. A back-up alarm battery for problems seems to be
mandatory for medical life-sustaining equipment.


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