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Re: [IP] requesting funny stuff

Okay, this isn't too funny, but... in one of my first days at a new job, I
went hypo, and apparently this is one of the few times that the portion of
my brain that went out was related to language.

I passed out, or went to sleep abruptly, dropping my head on my computer
keyboard. A colleague came by and shook me awake. Since I was brand new,
she didn't realize I was diabetic. When she started talking to me, I
couldn't understand a word she was saying -- whatever it was I heard, I
must have decided it was a foreign language. I responded in slurred german.

A couple minutes later, I had not gotten better, and several colleagues
were standing around me asking each other if anybody spoke German. Someone
had been sent to find a German speaker. About this time, I apparently
started mixing in Spanish instead. Several understood Spanish. But the
problem was not language -- it was total mental incoherence. So they got
pieces like "I'm wet" (or "I'm scared") and "this is a bad dream" and
"where are the chocolate dogs?" etc. 

Since this was at the company that operates the Cornell computing network,
we had several foreigners around. Before we got to the point that I was
drinking some orange juice and eating pretzels, I got to meet the resident
Spanish, German, Hebrew and Russian speakers. Laughing about the incident
later, each of them told me that their first impression of me included: 1)
he doesn't speak the language very well, and 2) he's crazy.  


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