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Re: [IP] don't tread on me

I would like to put my two cents in.  I agree with you on the fact that
diabetics are responsible for themselves.  Let's just take a minute to think
about this.  I know my son has checked himself and his numbers will be in the
perfect range then 15 minutes later he is low.  I have to cast my vote to
SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The police have an obligation to check for some sort of
identification as to a medical reason.  Did the police check for a medic
alert.  If it had been a severe wreck, what then?
I really feel diabeties is taken too lightly.  I get tired of peoples'
ignorance.  Well don't worry I am told he will outgrow it.  Now a ten year old
really wants to hear this.  Let 's try this one, "You know if you had not let
him eat so much sugar he would not be a diabetic."  Ryan and I both would like
to punch them.  Wow!  Time to get off my soap box!
Helen  (Ryan's mom)
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