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[IP] had good ob check up

  hi everyone 
iam just gotten back from the ob doc and he said the me and tyler are doing
real good tyler is real strong and mother look real pregnant and ha1c is now
6.2 and all other lab was real good the baby is just about turn and ready for
birth i have drop but not all the way yet iam big and round tyler is real
active and iam some what tird and hot blood suger  are real good and the pump
is great my last day at work is firday then i will be resting up to bring
tyler into this world hu said that iam doing so good he will let carry tyler
41 1/2 weeks if i have not gon into labor be for then and he will watch me
close and if he see any trouble he will induce labor i still need your love
and strenght and energy i have lot of work a head of me to bring tyler inti
the world iam just a worry about labor and what it will do to blood suger but
iam ready for my son to come inti this world i told lee that our son is real
strong and heathy and mom is doing real good and tird and hot will iam going
to lay down and rest like the doc want me to and plus my mother and mother in
law thay are not leting me do much so i must rest and do what thay tell me to
do see yall saturday night 
                  with love lisa   
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