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Re: [IP] hot days and insulin


It's good to hear that the hot weather doesn't seem to bother the insulin in
the pump.  We are heading to Florida Monday and will probably do a Disney Park
or two and I was wondering about the heat.  Marisa, 8, has been on her pump
for two weeks now and all is going well.  The start up and transition has been
easier than I anticipated.  We are still keeping complete food  and activity
records and graphing out each day to visually see the trends.  It's been
exciting to see the graph line come in more in the middle and not quite so up
and down--- although she has her times, of course.  She swims several hours
each day and we struggle to keep her glucose up during those times but seem to
be doing better each day.  I'm looking forward to traveling with Marisa on the
pump as I think it'll me much easier.  A question for you or anybody else:  Do
you reset the clock when you  travel?  It's just 2 hours later in Florida.  My
CDE said not to bother, but my husband (physician) thinks we should change it
and thus the basals.  

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