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[IP] tread lightly

To all, I agree that driving is a danger for all diabetics that take it
lightly, and as a right.  I for one value my independence highly, and
would feel claustrophobic if not allowed to motate.  I test a lot to
ensure that my bgs are in a good range.  And to those of you who cannot
see why it is important to drive, you live where there are buses,
trains, neighbors, family, to give you that ride.  Out here in the west,
we have miles of open spaces, and if you want to get on your bicycle to
get to work by 10a.m. you'd be on it at 9a.m.  (all down hill) but to
come home after working 9 hrs, you'd leave at 7:30 and may make it in by
10p.m.(all uphill)  Then if you did have a low, there would be no 7-11
to replenish you half way up the climb home, nor would there be any
convenient phones to dial up the neighbor who lives 1.5 miles down the
road from you.  Also there are logging trucks that travel these roads,
courtesy of the forrest service selling out to big business, and they
don't see bicycle riders.  And dust, mud , snow, rain, whatever the
weather is dishing out.  I ride for pleasure when I bicycle, not to get
run over, sprayed by motorists, or scared out of my wits. 
Sorry, your half of the country lives much differently than where I am,
and I do not want to live in a crowded enviroment,  So I test, and test,
and do my best.  My .02  Laurie B.
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