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Re: [IP] Scary Situation

> Anyone else ever have the same problem?


When we first got Kayla's MM506 (rental) it worked fine for 2 days. 
Sent straight from the factory, still sealed in the box with an
inspection date of only 4 days before.  On the third day it suddenly
started screaming at us and would not shut up!!  I tried pushing the
buttons - nothing.  The screen went blank.  Similar to what you
described, but with lots of noise.  Called MiniMed and they said the
electric charge thing, too.  Removed the batteries and the pump finally
shut up.  Batteries back in, more screaming.

I think They say "electric charge" when they really mean "We don't have
a clue".  Keep an eye on Pumpy and if it happens again, send it back and
get a replacement.  That's what we had to do.

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