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Re: [IP] Diabetic mistaken for drunk

I strongly agree with John's position and I greatly respect the underlying
attitudes of justice, responsibility and humanity which are so apparent in
British law.

Personally, I like to feel responsible and competent. I would be far too
embarassed to sue anybody if  I had been caught driving a car while "under the
influence" of a low bg! Who knows - Perhaps the cops had enough respect for
people with diabetes so that they couldn't imagine a diabetic allowing this
dangerous situation to develop...

By the way, due to having unstable bg levels (quick drops), I have chosen not to
drive a car.  I find bicycles to be a great way to get around (at least once my
herniated L5 disk heals (in another few weeks, the guess is)!), and, since
driving them requires coordination, strength and energy,  motion on them ceases
when the bg levels crash. I've hurt myself a bit a number of  times in the past
(things were really tricky in the days before glucose testing strips were
available!), but I have never hurt anyone else.  I cover more distance per year
on bicycle(s)  than most people do in their cars and I'm probably happier and
healthier because of it!

My bg control is certainly much better  with the pump - I suspect that I might
never have a sudden drop if  I wait 4 hours past a bolus! - But, by now (I've had
diabetes since age 12 and I'm now 42), a car is just not a part of my persona.
If  I started motoring, I'd probably have to start smoking and cussing too...


John  wrote:

> ...  but I'll state my position clearly:
> the guy shouldn't have been driving while hypo. The police should have
> locked him up (once his hypo was cleared).
> In Britain, if you have a hypoglycemia while driving, the police
> prosecute you under the same law as if you had been drunk. "Driving
> while under the influence of drugs liable to affect your ability etc
> etc" And that sounds fair to me. Yes, we have all had mild hypos while
> driving, but at that point we are already more of a danger on the road
> than a drunk. If you're seeking tight control, then it's your
> responsility to test your bg before driving, and re-test as often as
> necessary whilst driving. If you're prone to sudden drops, then you are
> not medically fit to drive.
> Here driving is in not a RIGHT. You have to PROVE that you are fit to
> drive. I have to see a doctor every 3 years before my license in
> renewed. He has to establish that my diabetes is well controlled, and
> that I am capable of avoiding having hypos while driving.
> I'm not perfect, and I do have mild hypos while driving. But I'm very
> conscious that I am breaking the law, through my own carelessness, and
> am a danger to others in the process.

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