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Re: [IP] Battery failures

> the technician said something about an electrical charge, to try the old
> batteries again.  Well, then I got a "lo battery" warning.  Took the old
> batteries back to Radio Shack, and one of the batteries was completely shot.
> Anyone else ever have the same problem?

You may recall last weeks post about the Eveready 357's that dropped 
dead after 2 weeks.

I go a mealy-mouthed letter back stating that it was obvious that the 
batteries had been stored in very moist conditions at elavated 
temperature and were corroded. --- Gee, I knew that from looking at
them.  Anyway,  they said that since they had know way to know if I 
did it or someone else, they just reccommended buying them from a 
high-volume supplier so I could be guaranteed relatively fresh stock.
They sent me 12 new batteries (nice of them since I sent that many 

And all the time I thought if I bought these things from a med-supply 
co. that they should be OK. Oh well. Think I'll stick to MiniMed.

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