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Re: [IP] Scary Situation

At 06/24/1998 - 04:48 PM email @ redacted wrote:
>Hi all:
>Had a potentially serious problem the other night with my MM507.  I had
>checked to see how much insulin I had used that day, then tested my blood
>before turning in for the night, and since it was a little high picked up
>pump to bolus a unit.  The screen was completely blank.  No alarm or "no
>delivery", "lo battery", just blank, as in DEAD.  Took the batteries out
>had only been in for 2 weeks, and replaced with new.  Everything was fine
>after that.  Must admit I was pretty scared and checked the pump several
>during the night by hitting the backlight.  Called Mini Med in the morning
>the technician said something about an electrical charge, to try the old
>batteries again.  Well, then I got a "lo battery" warning.  Took the old
>batteries back to Radio Shack, and one of the batteries was completely

There are two things that I wish these pumps had: 

One would be a backup alarm run on a separate battery. If for any reason
the pump loses power or if its basic settings get hosed, then the backup
alarm would sound. It also seems like the pump could monitor both batteries
and let you know when the backup was getting low too. 

The second thing is unrelated to #1 above. I wish I could put in more than
one basal profile. If I spend all day working at my computer (since that's
my job) I'd need one rate, but on weekends & vacations when I tend to be
more active I'd need a different one. Yes I know I can input a temporary
basal... but that's a pain... plus the little guy insists on beeping at me
all the time while it's activated.


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