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Re: [IP] Continuing Humalog / Velosulin saga


Take a look at http://www.castleweb.com/diabetes/d_0n_111.htm

They say:

How Does it Work so Fast?
In Regular insulin, the individual insulin molecules clump together, six
at a time, to form a hexamer. Only individual insulin molecules are
biologically active, so the body must first break the bonds that hold
the six insulin molecules together. Individual insulin molecules become
available in about 30 minutes.

To make Lispro insulin, the positions of two amino acids in the insulin
molecule, one lysine and one proline, are reversed. This rearrangement
results in hexamers that bind together so weakly that they break apart
much faster than regular insulin. The individual lispro insulin
molecules are biologically active essentially immediately. 

Sounds cool to me...

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