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[IP] pump and be fat

John wrote:

> It's my theory that it was the arrival of human insulin in the 1980's,
> and MDI, which gave many people these "spikes" of insulin activity,
> which causes the body to lay down fat, far more than it really needs 
> to. Hence the weight gain in DCCT. 

It is my theory that because we can now eat those previously prohibted items,
and cover for those carbohydrates, that we are eating more, and hence gaining

> Animal insulins don't peak so high, so this "lay down fat" level of insulin 
> doesn't occur, so less obesity.

Animals also dont know the difference between a "forbidden" food and something
that is good for them.  They just eat...look at little Kayla who just had her
first Pop Tart...keep it up, and keep covering for those extra carbs, but if
it is more than the body needs...the extra will get stored as fat, and she'll
get fat!!!

When I first started pumping, I also wrote down everything I injested.
Writing it down like that really makes you think...you dont really want to
write down that you ate an entire bag of Fritos...but you did, and you covered
for it and your sugar levels stayed fine...I cant lie on my log and hated
writing things like that down, so I stopped eating them...and lost 12 pounds
in the first 3 months.  Over time, I got lazy about the log...stopped doing
it, and eating a bag of Fritos was no longer a problem and voila...welcome
back poundage!!

just my 2 cents worth

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