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[IP] don't tread on me

Kirez wrote:

> For once I hope this guy sues and sues and sues and gets a good deal of
> money -- enough to send a very clear and distinct signal to EMTs and 
> police and similar groups everywhere -- perhaps enough that people 
> will start emphasizing, in training programs, the recognition of diabetics.

I for one, do NOT hope this.  I hope this, if anything, sends a clear and
distinct signal to persons with diabetes to check their blood sugar prior to
getting in a vehicle!  I do not expect others to take care of me or take
responsibility for me when I am in good shape - and I sure do not relinquish
that control simply because I have been too stupid to make sure I am "sober"
enough to drive before I get in the car.  Dont you check a gun t make sure the
safety is one before you hand it to someone, don't you hand scissors to your
child with the blade in your hand and the handles towards them??  

Some of the low stories are funny, like the feather pumps and boa, this was
pretty muchin the privacy of you own home, but the road tales and public
displays of lack of controll is not a message I want to send to the world,
especially if we want empathy and understanding.  We all look like a bunch of
nutcases and that is too bad FOR us!! 

Kirez wrote: 
> I once pleaded and begged with a group of people, not to send the
> ambulance, but simply to give me some OJ or a snack, and...

I hope that you now dont leave home without a tube of dex 4 tabs, or a dollar
bill in your pocket.  I hope hope hope that I am never in this situation where
I have no control, but til then I accept and recognize my responsibility...I
carry the tube with me, or when i have them, a couple of the individually
wrapped samples.  If you thing the EMT was expensive, just thank your stars
you weren't put in  an ambulance and taken to ER - you'd really flip!!!

I am not holier than thou and am certainly not even close to having perfect
numbers all the time so I do pity the guy in Maryland, but I also pity my
friend in Florida who was killed when she crashed during a low, and I REALLY
pity the innocent people in the other car she killed because she failed to
take her responsibility.  It was hideous listening to the peopple around town
talk about taking driving privileges away from people with diabetes!!!

I personally dont care what ANYONE does in the privacy of their own home - eat
oreos, dont eat oreos, weigh your food, dont weigh it, use Humalog, a mix or
lente or whatever, smoke pot, spank your kids or dont spank them, go to church
or temple or practice witchcraft, and I really dont care if you watch Jerry
Springer (but I sure pity you)...but WHATEVER you do, do NOT violate MY
rights, nor ask me to take YOUR responsibility.

ok i am off my soapbox now..

*-)=B xoxx
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