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[IP] Re: Where's the pump?

Hey gang,
    I should be so lucky! How is it that I have so much trouble getting the
dressings to stay on and all I hear today is how to get them off? Ha, LOL.
Come on down to Texas! The sweat here will curl the dressings right off of
ya! You will soon learn how to change the dressing without changing the
cath! I'm not kidding. If you get 6 days from a set like I do and go
outdoors with the temperature at 100+ you will have little trouble getting
the dressings off.
    As for sleeping with the pump. . . . . .  at first I would put on a
clean pair of knee hi socks after my bath at night and stick the little
darling in the top of the sock. Now that I have 19 months on it I have found
that Haynes and Fruit of the Loom have some nice Tee-shirts with a pocket
that I like wearing. I run the cath out the neck and stick the pump in the
pocket. I don't sleep on my stomach so there is no problem. I keep the pump
in this pocket during the day and even when I have to go someplace and wear
a dress shirt I leave my pump in the pocket of the tee shirt. It is easy to
get to and as big as I am is not noticeable.
    I hope this helps.

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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