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[IP] update me baby are doing real good

 hi everyone 
how is yall day mine is hot in alabama the heat index is now 105 and the temp
is 95 with a dewpoint of 73  so it is real hot and me and tyler is in the cool
he has been active all morning and iam doing good tird and hot my back is
hurting and just uncomfortable but iam real happy tyler room is ready and all
the shopping is done and all who i work with gave me a baby shower and i got
lot of thing and we have more dippers then i have seen last count we have
about 250  dippers and i thank that will keep us for a while and lot of play
toys and sleep outfits blood suger have been real good had two that was at 189
to 190 but was able to get them down and my last day at work will be this
coming friday and then i will be at home to get ready for the work a head of
me tyler just kick me and told me to said hi to all of his aunts and uncle on
the web and   ruth that lee mother who is an ob nurse she is helping  my
mother to keep an eye on me and tyler she said hi to all and my mother said hi
to and thay are noting leting me do much and i do not mine but iam bord at
times and i know thay are doing it for a reason to keep me and tyler for
having trouble and i will listing to what thay say  my web family will be on
me but i love you all and i will obey my dr orders and rest and stay cool see
yall saturday night 

               with love lisa  
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