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RE: [IP] Removal + Sleeping

> > I would also really appreciate people's tips on where they keep the pump
> > during sleep.  I hear there are some nightclothes you can buy, but dont
> > know how much they help the problem

I wouldn't really worry or bother about any kind of special nightclothes.
Probably what you're talking about is shorts with a pocket that has an opening
on the INSIDE, allowing you to tuck the pump away.  To me that's not worth it.
When I wear clothes to bed, it's usually sweats or shorts.  If they have a
pocket, I just tuck the pump into there.  Some of my sleeping shorts have a
velcro'ed pocket, which is convenient.  On shorts/sweats with open pockets, I
close the pocket with a safety pin so that the pump doesn't slip out.  If I'm
wearing something without pockets, I pin an old unmatched sock to my clothes
and stick the pump in there.

> I just stick mine under the pillow and ignore it.

That's what I do too if I'm not wearing anything to bed.  When I AM wearing
something, I take advantage of being able to "secure" the pump a bit in case I
have to get up in the middle of the night I'm not as likely to end up with a
pump swinging by its umbilical cord ;-)

I hardly even notice it anymore if I roll over it, you DO get used to it.


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